Reincarnation Fiction..

The Returning.

The Returning Series – Book 1

To Jacob Shaunessy, reincarnation lay in the realm of folklore and myth … Until the dreams began. Was he remembering another life in another time?


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Reincarnation Fiction..

Return to Murdering Point.

The Returning Series – Book 2

When Gavin and Bridie Cloak bring baby Lucas home from the hospital, they aren’t to know about the dark passenger he carries with him.


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Science Fiction..

The Dream Gate

What if your dreams could take you on grand adventures while you sleep? Travelling through portals to amazing destinations in time and space.

Meet the Time Wizard ...

Science Fiction


A fatal car accident, a family tragedy, and an out of body experience are all factors which lead astrophysicist Cameron Gates on a journey of discovery, where he learns that rocket power is not the only way to travel to the stars.

Come on the journey ...

The Returning Book Trailer.

The first book in “The Returning” Series of books.

The third in the series to be released at the end of 2016.

Vers Libre - Free Verse Poems

Free Verse Poetry, poetry with no rhyme no rules. Poems of philosophy. The French call it Vers Libre …   [Read More..]

Out Of The Storm (Short)

Adversity forged their bond, death gave them peace. They would find each other through eternity. [Read More ..]

Out of Darkness (Short Story)

After the darkness and the pain there is light. Come to me by the sea and we will be together again for eternity.  [Read More ..]

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