The conjecture continues … Which is best? A printed book or an eBook.

Readers if you haven’t done so already, find the joy and convenience of carrying a library in your pocket or bag.

As an avid reader from a young age, I’ve always come down on the side of the printed version, for varying reasons.

  • Nostalgia
  • The smell
  • The look and feel of the book.
  • Browsing book shop shelves.
  • etc.

Then as a writer, for research and marketing, I had a good look at eBooks and I found that they had some very compelling advantages if you are an avid reader.

  • You can download an Amazon Kindle reader to your phone or tablet for FREE, with direct access to millions of books and authors, directly onto your Smart Phone. (For those who have never looked into this, I’ll give instructions at the end of the post)
  • eBooks are way cheaper than their printed counterpart. In fact you can find thousands of FREE eBooks for your library. Many great authors will promote their books by giving an e version away for a limited time, particularly if it’s the first in a series and they have just released another in the series.
  • You don’t have to carry a book around with you, you can keep a whole library on your phone or tablet.
  • You don’t need a light to read by, your phone is back lit.
  • It’s easy to read in bed, at the doctors, on the train, when you travel.
  • As a writer it is easier to give your book to people if they have an eBook reader.
  • You can trial a new author cheaply and have the eBook on your device in seconds.

I recommend to everyone who has not done so, Get a Kindle on your phone.

I pick Kindle because it is the most popular, with the larger range of books and promotions, and all eBook distributors cater to it.

Simply go to your app store on your android (Play Store) or apple device (ITunes), or your PC. Type in Kindle and download the app for free. open an account to allow you to buy books, or load books from the many sources on the internet, they all allow a direct load into Kindle.

To start your collection and try the process, buy one of mine, they are cheap $1.99 or $2.99  at my eBook Store , you will receive your eBook via Book Funnel directly to your Kindle or device of your choice. Use the device you intend to read on, and go to my website and download. “The Returning” (First in the series) is FREE at the moment.

You can always go back to books if you don’t like eBooks, but give it a go, it doesn’t cost anything. … Happy reading.


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