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This story is set in the exotic tropics of North Queensland, Australia and tells a tale of Family, Love, Murder and Revenge.

An old man dies at the precise moment that a child is born, and a bond is forged between them which will last for eternity.

Jacob Shaunessy has vivid dreams of romantic interludes with a beautiful young woman. She is familiar to him and yet, he can’t find her in his memories. He knows instinctively that the exotic locations of the dreams are in the northern tropics of Australia; however, he has never been to that part of the world.

The dreams lead him to a small town in Far North Queensland, where he and his best mate Mick Dyson are drawn deeper into a dark mystery which reaches back almost 80 years, and will plunge them into the depths of revenge and violent death, as the past comes forward in a final attempt to end a deadly vendetta. …

About This Book

Set in the North Queensland tropics once again, “Murdering Point” picks up some 15 years after the horrors faced by Jacob Shaunessy and his family in 1997.

From the Atherton Tablelands to the small seaside village of Kurrimine Beach, the family once again must face a malevolent soul, seeking revenge.

When Gavin and Bridie Cloak adopted baby Lucas into their family, they weren’t to know about the dark passenger who traveled with him.

Reincarnation is meant to be a chance for redemption and a new beginning, and for the Wilson twins, it was just that. However for John Spait, it was another chance to revive a deadly vendetta. Murdering Point reveals its historical beginnings, as Jacob Shaunessy and his son Ethan, face John Spait’s Malevolence, they discover Ethan’s past connection to Murdering Point … In another life.

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What if we discovered that, instead of taking thousands of years, interstellar space travel could take us only seconds. Join the adventure, where AVATAR meets GHOST.
A fatal car accident, a family tragedy, and an out of body experience are all factors which lead astrophysicist Cameron Gates, on a journey of discovery, where he learns that rocket power is not the only way to travel to the stars.
Can the aliens he meets, light years from Earth, help to reunite him with his family? And will he change our concept of space travel forever?
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What if your dreams could take you on grand adventures while you sleep. Jack Shephard, his sister Emma and cousin Julian find an ancient book which leads them to The Time Wizard, an alien from a distant galaxy, who travels through portals to adventures in time and space.