They are out there, and we don’t need space craft to visit them. … Or them us.


Ethereal“Ethereal” is not really a novel, it is a novella or short book.

Cameron Gates experiences Out Of Body events following a tragic car accident in which he loses his family. These events result in him mastering Astral Projection and take him on an incredible journey to another world. Can the Aliens he encounters there help put him in contact with his family once again?

Science fiction novels are a passion of mine, both reading and now writing them. I intend to continue to write in this genre, including perhaps a series based on “Ethereal”.

An interesting point. I’ve had the idea for this story on the backburner for a few years and the original working title was “Avatar”, until James Cameron made his blockbuster movie and “usurped” my title.

NOW AVAILABLE as an eBOOK HERE  (This book is available only in the eBook format.)


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