Life After Death and Reincarnation. .. Do our souls return to live another life?

 The age old question of whether there is life after death has persisted down through the centuries.

There are those who believe that life after death and reincarnation are part of the natural flow of existence, and there are those who think that when we die, there is nothing else. However, I suspect that most people would like to think that life is not all that there is; that in fact there is something further, and that our soul goes on when we have worn out our physical bodies.

There are laws in physics that allow for the possibility of life, or consciousness, continuing after death. The laws state that matter or energy cannot be created or destroyed, they simply turn into another form. The atoms and molecules take another form such as Water to steam, plants to soil and when our body dies it turns to dust. Energy is the same, it breaks down into light, heat and chemical forms. The laws of physics determine that all things, when they go, become another form of matter or energy.

Why then can’t our consciousness, our soul, take another form and perhaps exist on another plane or enter another body? There are still things we don’t understand, but physics says that the soul moving on is possible, if not probable.

In my search for answers to the many questions regarding reincarnation, I found some very thought provoking incidents that have been recorded over the years and I present some of this information in video form below. You can judge for yourself and decide what you think of the possibility of Life After Death.

Reincarnation – The Boy Who Lived Before – Part 1 and 2

Reincarnation – The Boy Who Lived Before – Part 3 and 4

Reincarnation – The Boy who lived before – Part 5

Reincarnation – Boy Lived Before As A WW2 Pilot Part 1 and 2

Reincarnation – I Choose You