Light at the end of the tunnelThink About This..

If you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, go down there and turn the bloody thing on.

Many people struggle through life, always moaning about their job, their partner, their kids, in general they moan about their lot in life, plodding along, head down, with an occasional glance up to see if the light at the end of their tunnel has come on.

My advice? If you want your lot to improve, it is rare that it will improve by some miracle, so, stride down to the end of the tunnel and turn that light on yourself. Do some more study, learn more skills, change your job, start a business, fix your relationship and if you can’t, get a new one, do more with your kids, follow your passions. You are the only one who can guarantee that the light will come on

Russell Perry – 2017

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