Past Life Regression

Past life Regression. Can we visit past lives under hypnosis?

During my research for my books, I delved into the available material on Past Life Regression, mostly online. There is a lot of material.

I came across many ads for practitioners of past life regression, and many videos and references to the practice. However, the one that I found most interesting was a video, made by a fellow publishing as Trust And Truth Page.

The video is a hypnosis session, asking you to sit back and relax at home and listen to the video with your eyes closed and you will experience past life regression.

At first I was a little dubious about the whole idea, however I saw that it had been watched 324,925 times, and had a great many comments, most of them positive. So I decided to have a go.

I waited until I was alone and turned off all distractions, as asked, then I sat in my office chair and closed my eyes and listened to the orator’s voice.

At first I tended to doze off, but over time I managed to stay with him. I must say I didn’t expect anything to happen, and all along I was aware of that negativity in my thinking. Not that I didn’t believe in reincarnation as such, but regressing by remote control on the internet, gave me pause.

However I managed to stay open minded, and when we came to the time to look into a past life. I was pleasantly surprised. Going by some of the comments left by previous experimenters, some had an unpleasant encounter. However my experience was pleasant enough, although it was a little unclear.

The past life that I saw was that of a male who was a young man around the time of Jesus. I was dressed in roughly made, khaki coloured, tunic style dress with sandals on my feet. I seemed to be in a bazaar in, I think, Jerusalem, and my house was across the way from a large government type of building. As I slowly walked down the street, many people knew me and seem to be impressed by me, although I wasn’t in the garb of a rich man. I had dark hair and a beard, but I didn’t hear a name. Well, I did hear “Jesus” but take that with a grain of salt. I didn’t feel that they meant me.

Now I don’t know if my experience was preconceived, but I do know it has made me curious, and I will try it again.

As I say, it was a pleasant experience, and if you want to try it for yourself, the video is below. Tell me what you think and your experience.