Is there proof of Reincarnation?

Is There Proof Of Reincarnation.Although life after death is a core belief in most major religions around the world, and although there seems to be numerous examples which appear to be proof of reincarnation, most people believe life after death to be a myth. Something that they would like to believe but dare not admit too, for fear of being labeled eccentric or from the lunatic fringe.

However, to an increasing number of people around the world, the idea of, and due to the internet providing a growing body of evidence, which would seem to be proof of reincarnation, life after death is an integral part of the cycle of life that we all go through. Many believe that we return time and again, endeavoring to reach divinity.

Although there are many accounts of adults recalling past lives, the majority of cases seem to come from small children under the age of about 5 years, who will remember past lives very clearly. They can remember who they were, who people close to them were, and how they died.

There have been many scientific studies done on the subject, and just as many skeptics who would debunk the claims. But many of the explanations that the skeptics give for people remembering past lives, have as many holes in them as they insist the accounts of proof of reincarnation stories have.

In the following video, aired recently on the BBC in the  UK, we hear both the examples of supposed proof of reincarnation and supposed explanations from skeptics. I find the evidence in this video compelling, and the arguments from the skeptics slightly dismissive, not addressing all of the evidence. However you will make up your own mind.

At the very least this video is interesting and engaging and produces much food for thought.