Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Past life Regression. Can we visit past lives under hypnosis? During my research for my books, I delved into the available material on Past Life Regression, mostly online. There is a lot of material. I came across many ads...

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How To be a Writer

You can't learn to be a writer .. It's a gift, a passion. You need more than lessons on how to write to become an author. If you have a constant compulsion to write, to express yourself by putting pen to paper or fingers to key board, you already have...

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Magic Bank Account

The Magic Bank Account. Some one sent me this today. It's well worth thinking about ... EVERY DAY! Imagine that you had won the following *PRIZE* in a contest: Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use. However, this prize has...

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Amazon Kindle V Print Books

The conjecture continues ... Which is best? A printed book or an eBook. Readers if you haven't done so already, find the joy and convenience of carrying a library in your pocket or bag. As an avid reader from a young age, I've always come down on the side of the...

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Smasnwords ... Where eBooks readers and writers unite. Most of you are probably aware of Smashwords and what it can do for you as an eBook reader or publisher. However I've just discovered this platform and I must say, I'm impressed. From the moment I considered...

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Writing .. What inspires you?

Writing inspiration, what inspires you to write? This is a question I've been asked many times by both readers and aspiring writers, and although it is not a difficult question to answer, there is no general answer that you can give. I thought that you may be...

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What To Write?

A writers dilemma .. What to write next? I've recently completed and published my second novel. "Murdering Point". It was the sequel to my first novel "The Returning". But what to write next? I have four new stories plotted out (preliminary), all in...

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Proof Of Reincarnation.

Is there proof of Reincarnation? Although life after death is a core belief in most major religions around the world, and although there seems to be numerous examples which appear to be proof of reincarnation, most people believe life after death to be a myth....

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Kindle eBook Format.

Best Ideas for Kindle eBook Format. My Kindle eBook format process is all about Microsoft Word, and Mobipocket Creator. After playing with different formatting ideas and executing multiple Createspace content uploads, I've come up with the method giving me most...

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Life After Death

Life After Death and Reincarnation. .. Do our souls return to live another life?  The age old question of whether there is life after death has persisted down through the centuries. There are those who believe that life after death and reincarnation are part of the...

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Murdering Point

Today is the day .. Murdering Point is available. Murdering Point is for sale, around the world, in print and eBook, through (Print & Kindle), Smashwords (eBook in all formats), Barnes & Noble (Print & Nook), and many other online book...

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"MURDERING POINT" The second in "The Returning" Series ... On sale, on or about the 30th of November. "Murdering Point" ... the sequel to "The Returning" will go on sale from the 30th of November 2013. Just in time for Christmas. Reincarnation is meant to be a chance...

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Improve Your Life.

If you want change, make change.... If you continue to do things the same way, you will always get the same result. Don't expect your life to change by magic. If you are stuck in a rut and you wish for a better life or a better job, don't waste your life thinking and...

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Reincarnation Research

Past Lives

A Story Of Past Lives. The idea that we may have lived...

Proof Of Reincarnation.

Is there proof of Reincarnation? Although life after death is a core...

Reincarnation – A Scientific Study.

Reincarnation. ...Life after death. Every religion from every culture in every land...

Life After Death

Life After Death and Reincarnation. .. Do our souls return to live...

Reincarnation Stories

More Reincarnation Stories Unearthed During Research. It's good to see that the...

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