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The stories below range in genre, between Speculative Fiction and various other genres. Please feel free to browse.

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Short Stories - Back for Christmas

Line in the Sand - Freer Short List 2023

When life and family are at stake, a line in the sand must be drawn.

Short Stories - Tin Soldier

What Went Before

My search for something I hoped for. Have we lived before? Will we live again?

Short Stories - Back for Christmas

Out of Darkness 2017 - FAWQ Award

A story of the tragedy of war and the strenght of love.

Short Stories - Back for Christmas

Back for Christmas

He thought that losing her was the end of his world. But he wasn’t getting off that easy.

Short Stories - Tin Soldier

Toy Soldier

When he was a child he had memories of another family. He had to find them.


  1. Trevor Hill

    I read Toy Soldier and What Went Before as a quick glance of the subject matters sparked my interest.
    I have a strange sort of affinity with these stories.
    Good short read Russell

  2. Martie Nees Record

    Man, I am having a hard time telling you that I enjoyed your short story “Back for Christmas.” I keep getting bumped off.

    • Russell Perry

      Hello Martie, thank you for your kind feedback. I love to write and when someone say’s that they like your work, it means a lot. Inspiring.


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