A writers dilemma .. What to write next?

header project copyI’ve recently completed and published my second novel. “Murdering Point”. It was the sequel to my first novel “The Returning”. But what to write next?

I have four new stories plotted out (preliminary), all in different genres, although they are all works I would love to do next. What to write next?

The first is the third in The Returning Series, following the fortunes of Jacob Shaunessy, and in particular, his son Ethan. In “Murdering Point” Ethan discovers he is the reincarnation of a sea captain from the 1800s, and the new plot delves into that previous incarnation more deeply. It reveals the reasons why the captain’s soul chose to return to the physical after so long, and tells of the consequences for Ethan in this life.

AstralSciFiThe second is a genre crossover novel involving astral travel with science fiction. Cameron Gates is an Astrophysicist who, through a serious car accident and great personal lost, discovers astral travel, and incorporates it into space travel and adventure. This has potential for a series.

Con & Lucy Perry-YoungThe third is a novel I’ve been wanting to write for many years. It is an historical saga, following the immigration of Europeans to Australia in the 1920s, following The Great War. Although it is fictional and in no way follows their lives, it is inspired by the immigration of my paternal grandparents. Although I have plotted the journey of the original characters, I intent to follow their subsequent family’s adventures, in a series, to the present day. Also potential to become a series of books.

parallel-universesAnd the fourth is a project which has only recently come to me. I’ve discovered that my eldest grandson (11), is interested in my writing and has requested that I write him a novel (I did encourage him a little). after asking him what he would be interested in. I’ve plotted a a story involving parallel universes and adventures visited via portals into multi-verses. This is my first write-on-demand request, and I’m very excited about it and the influence it may have on encouraging reading among my grandchildren.

So what to write next? All of the information I have gathered, in my research into gaining readers, suggest I should stay on the path of Jacob and Ethan Shaunessy, but I have an eagerness to move into SciFi and space with Cameron Gates, and a long time excitement about writing my Great Australian Novel. And then there is the way my heart is telling me to go, encouraging me to write adventure for my Grandchildren.

So here I sit asking my Face Book , Twitter, and Google+ friends to give me a little push to help me decide. I’m leaning toward my Grandchildren and also The Returning series. Trying to finish the MG novel before my Grandson’s birthday in July, and at the same time, complete the third “Returning” novel in time for Christmas. Can it be done?