Russell Perry… A short introduction.

Russell Perry

I was born in the tropics of North Queensland, Australia, in the small coastal town of Innisfail, just south of Cairns. Warm, Sunny, a lot of rain in the monsoon season, but an Idyllic place to grow up. Swimming and diving on the reef, fishing and exploring the plethora of creeks and rivers which gurgle through the ancient rain forests of the far north. 
I worked in Marketing and Sales for most of my adult life, moving to the State Capital, Brisbane, as a young adult, to further my career. I continue to live there today with most of my close family.
I still do a bit of marketing, mostly web based these days, working exclusively with writers. I founded an online platform for the awareness and promotion of Australian Authors “Australian Authors Marketplace”, and I now devide my time between this project and my love of writing stories. 
I’ve always been an avid reader of fiction, enjoying many genres, from Historical Sagas to Speculative Fiction and Science Fiction. Favorite authors, over the years, have included writers as varied as Bryce Courtenay and Wilbur Smith, to Stephen King and Dean Koontz, and it is in a similar genre to the latter, that most of my offerings are written, although there is an historical saga on the drawing board, and I’ve written a Young Adult Fiction story for my Grandchildren.
I have a new joy in my life these days, and I will write forever.
Please try my first offerings , The Returning Series of books. Two have been published so far and the characters are urging to be let out for another run. Who knows how many there are to come. 
If you come back for more you will help this author to live his dream.

“The Returning” is set in and around the area where I grew up, as is the sequel “Return to Murdering Point”.


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