Science Fiction Novels

Science Fiction Novels.

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My Science Fiction Novels.

Science Fiction Novels“Ethereal” is not really a novel, it is a novella or short story.

Cameron Gates experiences Out Of Body events following a tragic car accident in which he loses his family. These events result in him mastering Astral Projection and take him on an incredible journey to another world. Can the Aliens he encounters there help put him in contact with his family once again?

Science fiction novels are a passion of mine, both reading and now writing them. I hope to produce many more science fiction novels, including perhaps a series based on “Ethereal”



Science Fiction Novels“The Dream Gate” a MG or Young Adult Science Fiction Novel. My Grandson asked for a science fiction novel with portals. “The Dream Gate” is the result.

When asked if they think we’ve been visited by intelligent beings from another world, the sceptics among us point to the vast distances they would have to travel, and the impossible time it would take to travel those distances. However what if they didn’t travel by space craft. What if there was another way? What if your dreams could take you on grand adventures while you sleep? Jack Shephard, his sister Emma and cousin Julian find an ancient book which leads them to The Time Wizard, an alien from a far off galaxy, who can travel through portals to amazing adventures through time and space.

Science Fiction Novels:

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