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Live the dream with Amazon self publishing.

Amazon Self PublishingIs Amazon Self Publishing for you? .. So you’ve finished your novel, and a few family and friends have read the manuscript and given it the thumbs up.

Some have even given it high praise. If someone among them is an avid reader, and they have praised your work with comparison to books they have read, (and you know they would tell you if they thought it was no good), then you have a product to sell.

Don’t worry about all of the articles you may read, from the “Experts” telling you how difficult it is to market your book, and you need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing etc. etc. They are usually the ones who collect the money. But by the same token, don’t give up your day job yet.

You’ve put in a lot of hours and you’re proud of what you have achieved, and you are encouraged by what people have said about your manuscript. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t get the interest of an agent or publisher. Bugger ’em, now we have Amazon Self Publishing.

It will be almost impossible to get an agent or a publisher to invest in you, they tend to stick with the tried and true these days, as their traditional world is in decline at the hands of giants like Amazon, and other Indie Publishers. But try anyway, you never know. I tried for a couple of months then gave it away. I’m an impatient bastard who gets cranky, and decides if I can’t get something done, I’ll do it myself. I always say that You can’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel .. you have to get down there and turn the bloody thing on yourself.

createspace_logo_1 That’s when I found Amazon self publishing, AKA Createspace and Kindle Direct Publishing. As a first-time author keen to see my book in print, it was a godsend. I remember thinking, I’m missing something, it can’t be this easy and cheap. But it is, if you are a little technical minded and can follow simple instructions, it is a breeze.

Amazon self publishing is exciting, you are in charge. You can decide the size and format of you book, you can play around and develop the cover, and you can decide where you want to sell it and at what price.

Writers who are making a living from writing will all say, Don’t write for the money, write because you love it. Yep, easy for them to say, they can work at their passion all day every day and not worry about the bills. We all write for the love of it, but it would be nice to build an audience and a following, so that you can do it for a living.

I look at it this way. Even though there are thousands of writers now using Amazon self publishing, and other Print On Demand companies, there are billions of people in the world. And if you have been able to find a few friends who enjoyed your book, then with some constant marketing and by producing more books, you should be able to build a following. You only need about 10,000 fans buying your books and ebooks per year and you’re on $50,000 .. do Sample The Returningthe sums, 2 ebooks per year at $2.99 and a few short stories at 99c, not to mention the paperbacks.

I’m not there yet, but I’m determined to make it … So get writing and have a look at Amazon Publishing.

You’ll never forget the first time that someone reads your newly printed book, and tells you they liked it. You’re a writer. Have fun.

Keep in touch, I’ll pass on everything I find out.

books2Russell Perry … Author of “The Returning”

P.S. Since publishing this article I have published the sequel to The Returning, “Murdering Point”, and put a new cover on book 1 in the series.

I have also discovered “Smashwords”. A great addition to the publishing and marketing of your books Please read this.  

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