Book Trailers … A great way to advertise your book.

Hi Folks, I just discovered book trailers. An effective and creative way to promote your writing.

Book Trailers are just like movie trailers only for books. There are probably readers of this post saying, “Duhh! we’ve known about Book Trailers for like, ever.” .. But it’s new to me, and I love it.

A new acquaintance on Twitter, a fellow Australian writer from Cairns in North Queensland,  Patti Roberts , introduced me to them in a recent tweet.

Patti’s the author of the Paradox series of books and as well as being a great writer, she also designs book covers and book trailer videos for other writers. Her rates are very reasonable and she does an excellent job. Check her out here.

I love to get technically creative myself so I decided to have a go at making my own Book Trailers with Windows Movie Maker.

I had a blast playing with the software and when I was finished I was pretty pleased with the end result. Check it out.

Now, I am sure if you looked around on the net you would find software somewhere built specifically for this purpose, however I found Windows Movie Maker very good for the task. There are many effect tools to use and It is very user friendly. I picked it up as I went, and the whole exercise took me about a day to make the video.

Most of you will have Movie Maker in your Windows package. I’ve got it in Vista.

I found another blog where the author gives a lot of tips on the process. She also posts a lot of links to websites with royalty free photos, music etc., which you can use for your project. All in all very useful, here’s the link.

The next time I make one it should only take me about a quarter of the time as this time. I kept on tweaking everything until I was reasonably happy, hence finding new effects, fonts and colours as I did so.

I can’t wait to finish my next book, just so that I can make another video.

Enjoy your writing,


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