The second in “The Returning” Series … On sale, on or about the 30th of November.

ThreeMedia2“Murdering Point” … the sequel to “The Returning” will go on sale from the 30th of November 2013. Just in time for Christmas.

Reincarnation is meant to be a chance for redemption and a new beginning. It can also be another chance to revive a deadly vendetta

Set in the North Queensland tropics once again, “Murdering Point” picks up some 15 years after the horrors faced by Jacob Shaunessy and his family in 1997. From the Atherton Tablelands to the small seaside village of Kurrimine Beach, the family once again must face a malevolent soul, seeking revenge.

When Gavin and Bridie Cloak adopted baby Lucas into their family, they weren’t to know about the dark passenger who traveled with him.

Reincarnation is meant to be a chance for redemption and a new beginning, and for the Wilson twins, it was just that.
However for John Spait, it was another chance to revive a deadly vendetta.

Murdering Point reveals its secrets, as Jacob Shaunessy and his son Ethan, face Spait’s Malevolence.

The book will be available from Amazon.com, or if you are in Innisfail, you can buy a copy at Larsen’s Newsagency and Book Shop. Pre-order 07 3350 0622.



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