A Story Of Past Lives.

Past Lives.The idea that we may have lived past lives has interested me since childhood. Therefore when I decided that it was time I fulfilled my long term goal of writing a novel, it was probably inevitable that I would settle on past lives and reincarnation as a background for my first story.

Reincarnation it is a very fertile area of speculation, and although most people outwardly relegate the notion to the fringes of reality, they never the less have a fascination for the topic.

There are many cases listed in compelling research and the subject matter has always made for great fiction. See examples here.

At the time of choosing the genre, I intended to try it on for size then perhaps move on to another favourite category of mine, Historical Fiction. However now that I have completed my first novel, “The Returning”, which is very much based around past lives. I find that I’m not willing to give up the concept just yet, and have forged ahead with a sequel. “Murdering Point”

The Returning... A story of Past Lives.“The Returning” is a story of Past Lives and the reincarnation of souls.

This story is set in the exotic tropics of North Queensland, Australia and tells a tale of Family, Love, Murder and Revenge.

It follows the journey of Jacob Shaunessy from the onset of strange dreams about another man’s life, to a small community in North Queensland.

A string of violent and frightening dreams and events lead him to the discovery of a vicious vendetta involving past lives. A deadly outcome ensues.

The Returning sequel follows on from the original and revolves around the reincarnated souls of some of the protagonists from the first novel. The story considers the question of whether dark souls can be tempered and improved by a new life and how much influence their previous life can bring to bare on the new one.

The novel should be available for Christmas 2013.