Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression Past life Regression. Can we visit past lives under hypnosis? During my research for my books, I delved into the available material on Past Life Regression, mostly online. There is a lot of material. I came across many ads...

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Out of Darkness

Please feel free to download the PDF Out Of Darkness Out of Darkness. by  Russell J. Perry .....  Captain Peter Graves clung desperately to consciousness as his crippled F/A 18E fighter plunged from the skies above Iraq. He had been hit by a ground to air missile as...

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Out Of The Storm

Please feel free to download the PDF  Out of the Storm Out Of The Storm  by  Russell Perry ..... Brendon Wilson was a light sleeper; it was a symptom of his condition. He was overweight and in fact would be considered, by medical standards, to be obese. This caused...

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Passing On

Please feel free to download this story in PDF ... Passing On Passing On ... A very short story (Flash Fiction)... by Russell Perry.    The old man lay on the ground looking up at the clear blue sky through the fluttering canopy of a large, spreading mango tree. He...

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The Returning Series

 Murdering Point - The Returning Book 2. (Out Now) Reincarnation is meant to be a chance for redemption and a new beginning. It can also be another chance to revive a deadly vendetta Set in the North Queensland tropics once again, "Murdering Point" picks up some 15...

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Reincarnation Stories

More Reincarnation Stories Unearthed During Research. It's good to see that the great work undertaken by the noted reincarnation researcher Dr. Ian Stevenson, is still being carried forward by a current group of dedicated researchers and scientists. Walter Semkiw, MD...

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Jack London on Reincarnation.

A Quote from "The Star Rover" by Jack London. One of my favorite authors of all time, Jack London, published a book in 1915 called "The Star Rover". The story is about reincarnation and astral projection, and tells of a prisoner in San Quentin Prison who finds escape...

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Out Of Body Experience.

Is the Out Of Body experience Myth or Reality? For thousands of years in the myth and folklore of most races around the world, stories and beliefs of the out of body experience, or (OBE),  have proliferated. In today's world of  "civilized society" and science, people...

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Proof Of Reincarnation.

Is there proof of Reincarnation? Although life after death is a core belief in most major religions around the world, and although there seems to be numerous examples which appear to be proof of reincarnation, most people believe life after death to be a myth....

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Life After Death

Life After Death and Reincarnation. .. Do our souls return to live another life?  The age old question of whether there is life after death has persisted down through the centuries. There are those who believe that life after death and reincarnation are part of the...

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Reincarnation Research

Life After Death

Life After Death and Reincarnation. .. Do our souls return to live...

Reincarnation – A Scientific Study.

Reincarnation. ...Life after death. Every religion from every culture in every land...

Past Lives

A Story Of Past Lives. The idea that we may have lived...

Out Of Body Experience.

Is the Out Of Body experience Myth or Reality? For thousands of...

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