Thriller Books

Thriller books come in many genres of their own. I would put my first book, "The Returning", into the Thriller Books genre. When I try to describe it, many genres pop into my head. Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Murder Mystery, Mystery. It's difficult to pin it to one...

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Amazon Self Publishing

Amazon self publishing. Live the dream with Amazon self publishing. Is Amazon Self Publishing for you? .. So you've finished your novel, and a few family and friends have read the manuscript and given it the thumbs up. Some have even given it high praise....

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Past Lives

A Story Of Past Lives. The idea that we may have lived past lives has interested me since childhood. Therefore when I decided that it was time I fulfilled my long term goal of writing a novel, it was probably inevitable that I would settle on past lives and...

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Book Trailers

Book Trailers ... A great way to advertise your book. Hi Folks, I just discovered book trailers. An effective and creative way to promote your writing. Book Trailers are just like movie trailers only for books. There are probably readers of this post saying, "Duhh!...

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Reincarnation – A Scientific Study.

Reincarnation. ...Life after death. Every religion from every culture in every land has some reference to reincarnation, the rebirth of souls, in their belief system. Although when people discuss reincarnation out loud or state their belief in reincarnation,...

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New Website

    Yes, I have a new website. I have just started a new company with two friends, "Marketronics" . We specialise in Internet marketing for small business, and I decided to shift my site to our server. I thought that while I was at it I may as well give the...

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Reincarnation Research

Out Of Body Experience.

Is the Out Of Body experience Myth or Reality? For thousands of...

Reincarnation Stories

More Reincarnation Stories Unearthed During Research. It's good to see that the...

Reincarnation – A Scientific Study.

Reincarnation. ...Life after death. Every religion from every culture in every land...

Proof Of Reincarnation.

Is there proof of Reincarnation? Although life after death is a core...

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